Buzzing Sound in Laptop Speakers? No Worries!

buzzing sound over your laptop speakers. Such a buzzing noise is usually intermittent and has no obvious cause. But it can by quite frustrating to figure out and taking your laptop to the computer shop can run up the expenses for a seemingly simple problem.

Often, the buzzing noise may be regulated to the laptop speakers or can extend into the headphones as well. Many times the buzzing noise is heard when listening to music, watching YouTube, even playing a CD in your laptop.

Before Taking Your Laptop to the Shop Try this!

There are some simple methods you can try before sending your laptop to the shop for repair. This assumes that you have rebooted your computer and that the buzzing noise returns. Plus, that the annoying noise is not from a singular source, meaning you only hear it over certain YouTube videos for example and it occurs at the same place each time. This means the problem is not your speakers, but the source of the sound itself. Also make sure to check out some quality laptop stands to make sure your laptop isnt overheating or unstable! <a href="">This is a great place to start</a>

Also, make sure that you have made a visual check of the laptop speakers on the outside for obvious signs of dust or debris that has built up over the speaker outlets.

If you are hearing the buzzing sound over the laptop internal speakers, but never your headphones or external speakers, then:

Dirt and Debris: While the laptop speaker grill may be free of dust or debris, it is possible that some of that dirt may have gotten into your speakers. If so, you should hear a periodic "rattling" noise from your internal speakers while your headphones are clear.

Re-Check External Speakers: Most laptops have an external speaker outlet, so try attaching speakers to it. If the external speakers do work, as well as your headphone jack, then the problem may be that your internal laptop speakers are blown. In which case, you will need to have them replaced.

If you are hearing the buzzing sound over the laptop speakers, headphones, and internal speakers, then;

Reinstall the Sound Driver: All programs, even sound drivers can become corrupted. First remove the program, then reinstall or try installing another sound driver program in its place.

Reload Windows: It is possible that you could have a computer virus or some type of anomaly that will be cleared if you reload your Windows program. Of course, you will have to reload your other programs as well after taking this step.

Buzzing Sound - When All Else Fails You Might Want to Consider Outside Assistance

If all these steps fail to discover the problem, then you will probably need to take you laptop to the shop and have them investigate. Normally, such a procedure is relatively quick since it usually only involves the speakers themselves. Also, be warned that a buzzing noise in your laptop speakers may be the result of a computer virus or other type of program that may take longer to remove.

One possibility is that something has made its way into one or both of your speakers (dirt) and it is rattling around when music is playing. Another possibility for a buzzing sound is that a speaker has come loose or a wire is touching the speaker cone